Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

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All items are frozen, then placed in a cardboard box with insulated packaging and ice packs to ensure proper temperatures during shipping. Orders containing only shelf stable items may not contain ice packs. Large orders may require multiple boxes. We never freezer salami.

TSPS Meat Box Subscriptions currently on ship to Indiana. All other subscription boxes ship nationwide!

Subscription orders are shipped from our facility only on Wednesday of each week. Your subscription order will ship the same week every month. Local Turchetti's truck delivery is every Thursday.

Currently, all subscription products ship monthly.

All of our knowledge, experience, and passion has been built in the heart of Fountain Square for over 6 years. We strive to provide the highest quality protein to our customers. Working directly with two small Indiana farms, we are able to provide exceptional quality with great customer service. That is our goal, all while providing these great services right to your front door.

Thawing of product is not bad. Temperatures inside our insulated coolers are designed for transit of upto three days. If product is delivered thawed, simply refreeze the product or use within 7 days. (does not apply to shelf stable products). Please contact us if product arrives above 42F.